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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Royal Randwick Racecourse

 Of course, when speaking about Bart Cummings, it is impossible to go past Royal Randwick Race Course. This stalwart of Australian racing culture is home to some of the greatest races in Australian Horse Racing history.

Royal Randwick Race Course

Some Dimensions!

I am a Randwick local. I own window cleaning Randwick, and I pass the racecourse on a daily basis. The racecourse is impressive! Let me tell you more about it. 

The circumference of the course is 2224 metres, with a home straight of 410 metres. In addition, this racecourse, which is situated on prime value land, is only six kilometres from the centre of Sydney, making it not only imposing, but also convenient to reach. This advantage is further driven home since the light rail system now passes to the northern side of the course, and inbetween the racecourse and Centennial Parklands.

Ownership of the racecourse rests withe Australian Turf Club, and the website for the course can be found here.

Major Events Held 

As with a racecourse of such stature, Royal Randwick is home to some of the best events. These include:

Whilst Melbourne may host the cup, Royal Randwick is an integral and important venue on the racing calendar.

A History Of The Course In Two Paragraphs!

Needless to say that the racecourse has been around for a very long time. In fact, it was in January 1833 that NSW Governor Richard Bourke gave the go ahead for the land where the course sits to be used as a racecourse. Incredibly, the only racing location available for Sydney up to then was Hyde Park in the CBD!

Originally known as the 'Sandy Course', racing was held there until 1840, when it ceased. It was resumed only twenty years later when the Australian Jockey Club moved it's headquarters there and racing resumed with an initial crowd of 6000 in attendance.

How To Contact The Course

So, if you are wondering how and when you can visit the Royal Randwick Racecourse, here are a few details:

ADDRESS: Alison Rd, Randwick NSW 2031
PHONE:  (02) 9663 8400

GOOGLE RATING: 4.4(1665 Reviews)

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Bart Cummings

 When it comes to Australian Legends, they don't come much bigger than Bart! As owner of window cleaning Sydney, I live about 1 kilometre from Royal Randwick Racecourse, the stomping ground of many of Bart's treasured fillies!

Bart Cummings - Australia

Early Beginnings

It is no surprise to learn that Bart began in more humble beginnings.  To be precise, Bart was born in Adelaide, one of Australia's more relaxed hubs, in 1927. 

Adelaide - Birthplace of Bart Cummings in 1927

However, racing was certainly in the family blood. Bart's father Jim Cummings was an Irish born trainer who also enjoyed success during the later years, such as 1950 with his Comic Court, in the Melbourne Cup.

It may surprise you to learn that Bart was allergic to both horses and hay, so it is no small accolade to say that without racing int he blood, Bart may have chosen an altogether different career in life!

Major Achievements

Bart is the 'king' of Australian racing. With an amazing 12 Melbourne Cups, Bart has set a record that is the envy of traners throughout Australian racing history. However, his success in the Melbourne Cup is not the end of the story.

Bart also achieved great success in races other than the Melbourne Cup. For instance, Cummings also achieved success with 7 Caulfield Cups, 4 Golden Slippers, 13 Australian Cups, 5 Cox Plates, 9 VRC Oaks, and 8 Newmarket Handicaps.

Cummings is an absolute legend, one by which other Australian legends will be judged by.

All Good Things Come To An End

Bart Cummings was very active right up to the later years of his life. However, all good things DO come to an end, and Bart's life was no exception. Bart died on 30 August 2015 at Castlereagh NSW. However, despite the loss of an icon to the adoring Australian public, Bart did achieve one last win just days prior to his death.

What achievement was this? Well, two days prior to his death, Bart and wife Valmae celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary! You may wonder why that is such an achievement? Well, since most marriages do not last more than a few years, 61 years was an amazing achievement, one that is seldom matched, even by those who live a privileged life. Truly, Bart Cummings was a nugget of a man, and is sorely missed in the World of racing!

Royal Randwick Racecourse

 Of course, when speaking about Bart Cummings, it is impossible to go past Royal Randwick Race Course. This stalwart of Australian racing cu...